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Where to use.
TRBOnet is a professional grade application especially developed for Dispatch centers that monitor large amounts of traffic. It supports digital as well as analog channels that could be helpful for clients during their migration period. Also makes response during emergency situations quick and effective, and can be used to link multiple agencies or departments at the touch of a button by the dispatcher.

What will TRBOnet do for you.
TRBOnet will enable you to monitor audio, data, and the locations of your assets, provide record management and ability to review events that have taken place.

  • Asset tracking
  • Unit safety
  • Unit monitoring
  • Telemetry and emergency triggers
  • Seamless system integration
  • Instant Notification
  • Integration with existing systems
  • Reporting capabilities
  • Mixed channels (digital/analog) supporting

TRBOnet uses capacities of a digital standard DMR and IP protocol embodied in radio stations MOTOTRBO™ Motorola. At the same time TRBOnet solution expands standard capacities of MOTOTRBO™ radio stations, in the first place it expands the capacities connected with feature that permits carrying out voice calls along with data transfer.

TRBOnet solution is developed for creation of system of communication, management and monitoring for different organizations or enterprises. As example of its application we can suggest organization of public safety, transport enterprises, municipal services, emergency services, encashment services where besides usual voice radio communication there is necessity of control and detection of location of movable objects and their management, sending of text messages and some additional features (for example, feature ‛panic button‛), digital data transfer.

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