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Motorola MOTOTRBO IP Site Connect Network tools
System Monitoring, Security and diagnostics 


• Windows application monitors all traffic on Motorola MOTOTRBO™ IPSC systems
• Display RSSI, network delay, IP and UDP ports used
• No RF, requires only network / internet access
• Monitor All or selected Color codes, Talk Groups
• Monitor Text Messages (Scheduled Q4 2010)
• Display transmitted GPS data (Scheduled Q4 2010)
• Display source and destination radio ID’s
• Monitor Unencrypted Audio

( when used with the optional iTRBO UV2 USB Vocoder )

iTRBO USB Vocoder UV2

• USB AMBE+2 Vocoder for Audio
• Monitor 2 Time Slots
• Up to 32 Vocoders per PC / Server
• Field Flash updatable

• Compatible with Windows XP, WIN7

Price: $600 Each
QTY Discount available

Price: $675 Each
QTY Discount available

AirShark + UV2 Combo: $1145
(10% Combo Discount)

Why AirShark ?
Motorola’s MOTOTRBO IPSC is a powerful and flexible next generation Digital 2-way radio communications architecture.

The major strength MOTOTRBO is linking multiple repeaters across town or across the world via the internet, creating radio systems never before feasible at an affordable cost.
The Digital nature of MOTOTRBO and it’s inherent advanced features create a difficulty for administrators to troubleshoot a system for TCP/IP network problems and ISP QoS issues. Furthermore, Monitoring a system against unauthorized use and system abuse is nearly impossible. 

AirShark is a Windows software suite that provides system admins with the proper tools to deploy, monitor and troubleshoot an IPSC system on the network and user level.

Any modern Windows computer with internet access to the IP Site Connect  network turns into a powerful diagnostics and monitoring station. Coupled with the UV2 USB Vocoder, Audio and data are monitored and recorded for immediate or retroactive analysis, ensuring the peace of mind that your IP Site Connect system is secure and functional.


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